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HOERBIGER acquires Gala compressor business

Effective 1st June, 2009, the HOERBIGER Group, Zug, Switzerland, acquired the compressor business of Gala Precision Technology Private Ltd., Thane, India, as part of a share deal.

Gala Precision Technology Private Ltd., India is a leading manufacturer of valves and systems for reciprocating compressors in hermetic and semi-hermetic applications. The company has an extraordinarily strong representation in the Indian market. In addition, Gala has excellent business relations to Europe, South America, Asia, and in particular to China. The company has approximately 300 employees.

HOERBIGER will continue to operate the compressor business and the production site of Gala in Thane, India, as an independent entity in the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology under the direction of the Business Division Serial Compressors. The technology, the development know-how, and the global strategic positioning of HOERBIGER Compression Technology as well as the strengths of Gala as a quality and cost-conscious manufacturer ideally complement each other.

HOERBIGER and Gala are already worldwide leading suppliers to the compressor OEM industry for hermetic, semi-hermetic and open compressor valve applications. This also covers valve systems for air conditioning, refrigeration and the braking system compressors for industrial and automotive applications.

With the acquisition of the compressor business of Gala, HOERBIGER Compression Technology will be in a position to gain significant market share in the area of hermetic compressor valve applications. In the field of semi-hermetic compressor valve applications, HOERBIGER will be able to sustainably expand its global market position due to Gala’s strong presence in Asia. Thus in the long run, the acquisition of the compressor business of Gala will also safeguard the existing business in important markets such as Europe, North America, and Brazil.

Thomas Englmann, Head of the Serial Compressors Business Area in the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology, said: “Our goal is to expand our position as a global market leader for the development and production of reed valve systems and at the same time be a reliable and value-adding partner to our worldwide customers. To do so, we must strengthen our market position, especially in Asia, and intensify our commitment to the remaining sales markets in the world.

For our long-term success it is critical that we can satisfy the requirements of our global customers with uniform standards worldwide.”

This acquisition widens the industry coverage of HOERBIGER and opens the doors to Hermetically Sealed Compressor business as a strategic venture where HOERBIGER can combine its global reach with the innovative and reliable products of Gala.

“In order to be able to offer the best performance and the best service to our customers, it is important to produce locally, especially in Asia“ said Thomas Englmann. “In this respect, strategically the acquisition of Gala is an extremely important addition to our existing positioning in the market. It will allow us in the short term to support our globally operating customers, as well as our locally and regionally positioned business partners, even better than before so they can achieve their operational and strategic objectives.” 

Thomas Englmann mentions “I am convinced that the cultures of the two companies perfectly complement each other. The success of HOERBIGER and Gala is based on a shared technological and entrepreneurial understanding, dedicated employees, and proximity to our customers.“

Thomas Englmann also announced the nomination of Mr. Sanjai Kulkarni as Managing Director of the company, consequent to the acquisition.


HOERBIGER Compression Technology is a Strategic Business Unit of HOERBIGER Holding AG in Zug, Switzerland. HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. 6,400 employees have achieved sales of around 1 billion Euros. The focal points of its business activities include key components and services for compressors, gas-powered engines, and turbomachinery, hydraulic systems and piezo technology for vehicles and machine tools, as well as components and systems for shift and clutch operations in vehicle drive trains of all kinds. Through innovations in attractive technological niche markets, the HOERBIGER Group sets standards and creates high-quality unique selling propositions with long-term benefit for the customer.

For more information contact Thomas Englmann, 
HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH - Im Forchet 5 - D-86956 Schongau/Germany,

Posted: June 8, 2009


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